Expert Custom Countertops

Single piece kitchen and bathroom countertops.  Custom designed. Expertly manufactured.  Professionally installed.

We don’t cut corners like big-box stores

Our manufacturing process allows us to create one-piece countertops with very limited visible seams.  This style countertop is beautiful and keeps out moisture that causes shifting and degradation.

Kathy & Jerry

Our story

For over 30 years we have been blessed and fortunate enough to build a marriage, family and many beautiful kitchen & bathroom counter tops for our customers.

We’ve devoted ourselves to each other, to our children and to our business.  It’s not always easy but if you want to build something right and that stands the test of time you can’t cut corners – and we don’t!

What separates us for the Big Box stores is our

Expert installation and care for your home

Big Box stores will tell you that undermount sinks aren’t possible – but they’re one of our signature products.

Our process starts with an on-site assessment and design consultation.  We will provide countertop samples and work with you to help create your perfect kitchen or bathroom. 

The only 18″ backsplash in town

Our unique manufacturing process allows us to create one-piece countertops, backsplash included.  We design backsplashes starting at a size of 4″ and are able to accommodate up to 18″.  


Sourcing from the best vendors in the industry

Single-Piece Laminate, Granite, Solid Surface countertops



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We hope you consider K&J Countertop Solutions for your next kitchen or bathroom project.  Please note that one-piece countertops must meet dimension parameters.